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                                                                               Located in Emporia Virginia.
                                                                                                   President Darell Spycher  (757) 642-8676

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                                                                                                                                            BY LAWS 6/2016
  2. All hunter safety course practices apply.  Any unsafe act by any hunter will cause automatic suspension and removal from club property.  Any unlawful act will be prosecuted.
  3. Cost of membership in the club is $700.00 per year.  Membership card runs from March 31st through the following year on March 31st.  Membership fees can be paid in three payments.  First payment of $250.00 is due by Feb. 1st.  Second payment of $200.00 is due by April 1st.  Final payment of $150.00 is due by June 1st.  If not paid in full by June 1st your membership will be cancelled and you will be replaced. If you have paid a partial payment but not in full by June 1st, then there will be a $50.00 fine added to your dues.  Dues and all fines must be paid before member is allowed to hunt.  (This is necessary because our lease needs to be paid in full before the end of June each year.) If first payment is not paid by Feb. 1st you will not be allowed to spring turkey hunt.  If you make the first payment you will be issued a 30-day permit until your dues are paid in full.  All hunters, members and guests, must sign a release form before hunting. 
  4. All new members are on probation for one year.
  5. Any minor who comes to hunt with his parent will be the parent’s responsibility and must stay with the parent at all times.  Parents are required to sign a release form for the minor.
  6. Members are allowed to hunt on club land any time of the year.  No visitors are allowed to hunt on club land without a club member with the exception of local residents that have been notified by the president of the club.
  7. During the hunts, all members and guest will obey the designated huntmasters.
  8. Hunt will begin at daybreak or as soon as possible.
  9. If you have to leave your stand during a hunt. Please ensure the hunters around you know you are coming out of your stand.
  10. Hunting areas will be planned by huntmasters in advance.
  11. Any person, member or guest killing a deer gets first pick of meat from his deer, the club members will draw on the rest.  This is for organized hunts.  The person killing the deer will be responsible for cleaning the deer, cleaning the skinning shed and removing the remains.
  12. All members will put in four hours of work after deer season is over in January to clean up the clubhouse and the land.  Time must be in by the end of January or there will be a fine of $25.00 or members must perform eight hours of work approved by the President.
  13. All club members will put in at least 3 workdays per year at the clubhouse to do work for the club.  This will include cutting trails, upkeep on the roads, upkeep of the dog pens, working on tree stands, etc.  Time must be put in by Oct 1st or you will be fined $50.00 for each day missed.  All fines must be paid before you will be allowed to hunt. 
  14. To hunt with a rifle you must meet the following requirements:  1. You must be at least 18 and have attended an approved hunter safety course unless otherwise approved by the President of the club or the huntmaster.  2.  Guest will hunt on rifle/shotgun stands, if available, after regular members draw.
  15. No rifle will be fired from the ground by anyone!  You must be on an elevated stand!  This includes pumpkins (slugs) or rifle balls with a shotgun.
  16. Rifle range is closed the last day in September.  After the last day if you use the rifle range, unless you have approval from the president of the club, you are subject to being suspended for 7 days. This is the only place on the hunt club property that you can target practice or sight your gun in.  
  17. No small game will be hunted before and during deer season.  Anyone killing small game during a hunt will be fined $25.00.  Small game may be hunted after deer season is over. The only exception is for the shooting of foxes and bobcat, since they are considered predators.
  18. There will be a $40.00 charge per hunt per guest.  All fees will be paid before hunting.  Members are responsible for their guest.  No guest will be allowed to hunt the first week of each season.  Guest will be allowed to hunt only 3 days per year.  If the guest is a potential member they can hunt as many times they request for additional $40.00 per day.  Members will be responsible for collecting guest fees and signing a release form.  
  19. Theft will not be tolerated.  Suspension of member and prosecution will be enforced.
  20. Positively NO alcoholic beverages are allowed while hunting.  This means no beer during lunch.  Persons failing to comply will be suspended before hunting for the remainder of the hunting season.  Any person caught or reported using any kind of narcotic drug anytime on club property will be suspended.  (This does not include prescription drugs.)   
  21. Positively NO littering (This includes while on stands).  Anyone littering will be suspended for the remainder of the hunting season.
  22. Beaver and otters are protected species by the club.  Anyone caught trapping or shooting them will be suspended and prosecuted to the fullest extent by the club.
  23. Any member who causes problems for the club will be suspended.
  24. Bunks will be assigned (first come, paid dues basis).  Old members will be allowed to keep their old bunks if all obligations of bylaw are met.
  25. All card playing, games, etc. will stop at 11.00 PM the night before a hunt and lights out and noise stopped by 11:30 PM
  26. All members are encouraged to have a dog box.  Helping catch the dogs after a hunt will make the next hunt happen faster.  Also helping catch the dogs at the end of the day will help the dog drivers end their day sooner.
  27. No new stands can be built on Ten Point land unless approved by the Board of Directors.  No private stands allowed! If a stand is put up on the property it has to be placed on the map and is for use by all members of the club.
  28. All new stands to be built by club blueprints only!
  29. Membership cards run from March 31st through the following year on March 31st. If first payment has not been received by the spring turkey season, you are not allowed to hunt.  
  30. During hunts when the stands are occupied, persons hunting on stands are not allowed to shoot past the halfway point toward adjacent stands. If the stand next to you is empty and it is safe you can shoot up to the empty stand but not past the empty stand.  If you feel someone has broken this rule, you should contact the President or on of the Board of Directors immediately to look into this matter.  Anyone found to be in violation of this is subject to a club fine or suspension.
  31. Deer have to weigh 60 pounds or larger.  If you are caught shooting anything smaller the fine is $50.00, second time is $75.00, third time is $100.00 and fourth time is suspended.   
  32. Do not shoot the button bucks or smaller than a 3 pt.
  33. 6 PM the night before is the earliest you can sign out for a stand for the next day hunt on still-hunting for any season.
  34. Any time a member or guest arrives at the clubhouse, they must sign into the logbook. Members must log out of the book when they also leave the property.
  35. Trailer fees must be paid by June 1st or you will be subject to losing your space to park.  You are responsible for keeping property clean around your trailer. You are responsible for insurance on your trailer. The club does not cover any loss you incur. 

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