Welcome to Tenpoint Hunt Club

                                                                               Located in Emporia Virginia.
                                                                                                   President Darell Spycher  (757) 642-8676

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We are Tenpoint Hunt Club. We are located in Emporia Va. We have a full Club House with all the amenities of home. Hot water and full bath (during hunting seasons), bunk rooms, its a full house. We lease appx 4200 acres of timber land, includes cut overs, hardwoods, and pines. We do run dogs on the property during opening week of gun season and every Saturday if weather is permitting. The rest of the time is still hunting. We hunt for Deer, wild Turkey, Bobcat, and other predators. We do hunt rabbit and squirrels after deer season is over. There are a few places on the property that the beavers have damned up and a lot of ducks float the waters. We do 3 work days a year to get ready for hunting season. Dues are $700 a year.  This gives you access to the Land for a year.  We are a state DMAP club, every day is a doe day. Our ratio for buck to doe is appx 60/40.   We maintain appx 80 stands on the property. You should find links on here to our Bylaws, A map of the property, and Application to our club. More pictures to come shortly.
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